The Blackberry Prayer

When the subject of social media comes up, there is always a lot of discussion about the generation gap that exists within it. For a new generation that was raised on computers, video games, YouTube, Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook, “grown folks” don’t always get it! There’s definitely a gaping divide there. And while this is not the only one, it is certainly one of the most glaring.

Have you heard of the “blackberry prayer?” Check out this interesting discussion from rollingout:

Too often, we sleep on the power and impact of social media. The faith community needs to get more wired (or wireless, as the case may be) and get more involved. It is, most definitely, crucial to connecting with the youth, i.e, the future church. There is tremendous untapped potential in social media networking. No question, the business community “gets it”!  And it uses social media to full advantage. What about the church? Do we “get it”? That’s the $64 question. And the answer must be a resounding “Yes”!

In Matthew 18:19, Jesus gave the Great Commission, telling the disciples, “Therefore, go and make disciple of all nations…”  In social media, we’ve been given an amazing resource! It’s up to us to work it. It’s alright to tweet the Word!  Amen? Amen.

Know who you are and whose you are. You were born for greatness. There is no limit to what you can do through Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard


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