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Introduction to Faith Based Media 2.0 (FBM 2.0)

When social media is applied to ministry it is called FBM or Faith Based Media. It is also known as Faith Generated Media or FGM. This blog is an example of Faith Based Media 2.0 or Faith Generated Media 2.0. When Web 2.0 technologies are applied to FBM it is called FBM 2.0 or Faith Based Media 2.0.

Let there be no doubt, our faith is the primary force which drives and motivates our engagement with social media. Yes, we also have fun, and use social media in a thousand other ways. But,  faith is our GPS. It is our faith that primarily guides and directs us through the social media universe.

Our latest series of blog postings was entitled Social Media 101. It touched on the ABC’s of social media networking. This posting will begin a new series on applying the tools of social media to  ministry work. It is an introduction to what might be called real Faith Based Media 2.0 or FBM 2.0.

Let’s begin with Twitter. Among other things, Twitter is a great platform from which you can communicate, comfort, educate, encourage, and inspire in 140 characters or less. It’s a great idea to place a link to your blog, your church’s  website, or your personal website on your Twitter page.  That link allows others to connect with you, your ministry,  and/or your passion on a deeper level. For example, my blog, “Faith Based Media 2.0” is linked to my Twitter page (revkenlillard).  I often  tweet “affirmations”, scriptures,  and words of encouragement to others. The micro-blogged “affirmations” that I tweet are from a more extensive posting on my blog. I also tweet announcements of upcoming events and speaking engagements. In addition, Twitter helps me to stay connected to valued ministry partners in real time.

Of course, there are many other ways Twitter can be applied to ministry, including connecting small groups, soliciting prayers, crowdsourcing, highlighting podcasts, evangelizing, etc.  A good place to start with applying Twitter to ministry is The Reason Your Church Must Twitter an e-book by Anthony Coppedge http://www.twitterforchurches.com/. For examples of how other ministers are using Twitter creatively in their ministries you can go to the Twitter pages of revtonylee, joelosteenmin, td_jakes, and Rick Warren.  Not only observe how others are applying Twitter to their ministries, but pray that the Lord will show you creative ways that you can apply it, effectively, to your ministry. 

Don’t forget that the ultimate goal of Faith Based Media 2.0 is to glorify God!

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard

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