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Preacher As Hologram?

Hologram [ˈhɒləˌgræm] n (Physics / General Physics) a photographic record produced by illuminating the object with coherent light (as from a laser) and, without using lenses, exposing a film to light reflected from this object and to a direct beam of coherent light. When interference patterns on the film are illuminated by the coherent light a three-dimensional image is produced.

Imagine sitting in a service, the praise and worship teams ministers fantastically, and then the preacher appears in the pulpit and delivers the sermon as a hologram. Sounds farfetched? Not according to a recent article in the  Christian Post. Technology currently exists which allows 3-D holographic images of individuals to be projected into various locations. So, say there is a church in several locations, it may soon be possible for the preacher to appear live in one pulpit, and as a hologram at another location. Would the church be going too far to take this technological leap ? Some churches are already exploring the possibilities! Read the following articles and let me know what you think! http://streamingfaith.com/community/announcements/announcement.aspx?AnnouncementId=2440&bhcp=1


Remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus.

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