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BlogTalk Ministry

You can create your own online radio ministry broadcast at BlogTalkRadio. Launched in August 2006 by Alan Levy, BlogTalkRadio is the audio version of the internet blog. It is one of the newest vehicles of Faith Based Media 2.0, where social media Web 2.0 tools meet ministry.  BlogTalkRadio is a web-based platform which allows users to host a live call-in internet broadcast using a telephone and a computer. The host logs onto a webpage, types in the time when the show will air, and dials into a specified number.  The computer screen displays the phone numbers of guests or listeners calling in. The host can put several callers on the air at once by clicking a mouse.  Shows stream directly from the host page during “live” broadcasts. The shows are then archived as podcasts. Listeners can download a podcast version of the broadcast later. The best thing about BlogTalkRadio is, due to the fact that the service is advertising-supported, there is no cost!

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