10 Ways Facebook Can Help Grow A Ministry

Social media is an incredible tool for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are ten (10) ways Facebook can help grow a ministry.

1. Use Facebook’s Fan Page as your church/ministry’s website.

2. Advertise and promote your church’s services, special events and message on Facebook’s Fan Page.

3. Use Facebook to reach the sick and shut in, those without transportation, people working 3rd shifts, and others by linking videos of praise and worship, sermons, etc. on your FB Fan Page.

4. Use Facebook to  recruit volunteers for church ministries and activities. 

5. Use Facebook to receive and answer prayer requests.

6. Use Facebook to communicate with church staff/team members, as well as to gather valuable feedback from staff and members.

7. Click on the “Events” link on Facebook and “Create An Event”. Complete and submit the information form. Invite your Facebook friends/fans.

8. Stay connected with your church’s youth group and other ministries through Facebook updates/ Fan page.

9. Those on your church’s mission trips can use Facebook to remotely post     information and photos of daily activities, accomplishments, and challenges. This enables people back home to “see” what’s going on, and encourages them to support and pray for the missions team.

10. Use Facebook as a fund-raising tool to help meet your church’s financial needs. 

For more ideas and information on how Facebook can help grow your ministry check out the following insightful articles:

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How is your church using Facebook to help strengthen and grow the ministry?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard



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2 responses to “10 Ways Facebook Can Help Grow A Ministry

  1. Arthur Frost

    I’ve read your section on starting a Fan page. In my experience with a Fan page, they need to go look at your fan page all the time to be updated. Am i usisng it incorrectly or is there a way to post from the Fan page to update each friend’s profile?

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