Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) is today’s equivalent of the proverbial “grapevine”. Trending topics on Twitter are closely followed online. Tracking your online reputation is crucial.

You should know what is being said about you and your ministry online. Why? So you can be aware of the positive impact you are having in the community. But you also need to be able to correct possible inaccuracies and untruths about you online that can damage your reputation or that of your ministry!

Monitoring social media sites enables you to join in the conversation. You are able to respond to concerns and issues others may have about your ministry. And perhaps you can clear up  misunderstandings or even perform some timely problem solving!

The following are three great social media monitoring tools:

Google Alerts – Set up a Google Alert for your name, ministry name, and other relevant keywords to be notified whenever an online mention appears.

Twitter Search – Use relevant keywords to search for what’s being said about you on Twitter.

Technorati – This is especially useful for tracking blog posts.

For more information on useful tools for monitoring your online presence see the following articles:   

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Social Media Monitoring – 10 Reasons For Monitoring Brands

How are you monitoring your online reputation?


Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

Be  Blessed

Kenneth Lillard

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