Thanksgiving 2010 – An Attitude of Gratitude

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches many of us are making travel plans, preparing  for the Thanksgiving dinner, or getting ready to watch the Cowboys and Saints battle it out on the gridiron!

But Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for how God has blessed us throughout the year! It’s about being thankful for our families and food on our tables. It’s about being truly grateful not only for today, but for our yesterdays and our tomorrows, as well!

During this period of economic recession it may be difficult for many to feel thankful. However, even during the toughest times, if we look around, we can see there are still things to be grateful for – health, hope, and most importantly, the amazing love of God!

Here’s a great Thanksgiving post by Greg Laurie, Remembering To Say Thanks.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

Be Blessed!

Kenneth Lillard


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving 2010 – An Attitude of Gratitude


    Beautiful post my dear cousin. I am so thankful and so blessed. God has been soooo good to me and my family. I do have “An Attitude of Gratitude”. Continue to walk in victory and may God take you to higher heights and deeper depths in HIM. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you, Angela! I receive that blessing, Cuz! I really appreciate you and your generous comments. Let’s continue to hold on to our “Attitude of Gratitude” for how the Lord has truly blessed us. You know we come from a long line of praying folk who set the godly example for us to follow! Grace and Blessings to You and Carl and Aunt Lillian this Thanksgiving and Always! Love, Your Cousin

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