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Ministry And Google Plus

Social media platforms like FB, Twitter, and YouTube have proven to be very effective tools in helping to carry out the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These digital platforms allow for easy connection with increasing numbers of people; great functionality; and global reach!   

Google is currently rolling out Google+  (Google Plus), a new social networking platform under the umbrella of the evolving Google brand. Just what we need, right? Another social network!

However, after taking a look at Google+, I’m very happy to report that it has the potential to be an excellent addition to your ministry toolbox! The following are some of the promising highlights of Google+ :

Circles – Great tool for pastors and ministry leaders to establish and communicate with selected groups of individuals, including staff, family, congregation, and each other.

Hangout – Video chat enables meet-ups on the web! Great for video conferencing, small-group and team meetings, and for staying in touch with missionaries in the field.

Instant Upload – Allows for quick and easy sharing of ministry photos and videos!

Sparks – Pushes connections to interesting online links, e.g., related websites, educational resources, etc.

Huddle – Enables group texting all on one page.  Great for staff and small group communications!

Connect to Google apps – Provides easy access to a suite of Google productivity tools which many churches and ministries are already using, including Gmail, Docs, Reader, and Calender!

What’s missing? It would be fantastic if Google+ would allow churches and ministries to set up their own official pages. Hopefully, someone at Google is reading this!

Google+ can definitely be a great tool for ministries to use to help plan, strategize, and maximize their social media efforts in sharing the gospel; improving internal communications; and increasing ministry awareness!

How can Google+ help increase your ministry’s influence?

See the following for more on Google+ :

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How To Use Google Plus – ReadWriteWeb

How Can Churches Make The Most Out Of Google Plus? – Sam D Brown

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Stay Blessed!

Kenneth Lillard 


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Chasing The Very Best

Happy New Year! Faith Based Media 2.0 welcomes 2011 with a great deal of anticipation and expectation for a truly exciting and blessed year!

But before keying in on 2011, let’s pause for a moment to take a look back at some of the best of 2010 in ministry, social media, and technology.

I thank God for blessing me to publish my new book SOCIAL MEDIA AND MINISTRY Sharing The Gospel In The Digital Age (available at www.Lulu.com) in 2010! It is a practical guide, a how-to-manual to social media. An innovative handbook for pastors, church leaders, and others, it provides strategies and tactics for using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel with every nation! I pray it will be a blessing to you and your ministry!

The following were 10 (ten) of the most popular church blogs of 2010 ( many of which you can follow on Twitter):

To this list I would definitely add Bishop’s Blog written by T.D. Jakes, and Going Beyond by Priscilla Shirer!

 The Center for Church Communications has compiled an outstanding Church Marketing Directory to help churches creatively communicate their message. In addition, it has compiled a Church Excellence list called Firestarters which identifies, in its opinion, some of the most cutting edge, creative, passionately communicated ministries on the scene today. To this list I would add The Potter’s House

Looking forward to bringing you the very best in ministry, social media and technology in 2011!

What were some of your ministry highlights of 2010?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

Be Blessed!

Kenneth Lillard   


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Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) is today’s equivalent of the proverbial “grapevine”. Trending topics on Twitter are closely followed online. Tracking your online reputation is crucial.

You should know what is being said about you and your ministry online. Why? So you can be aware of the positive impact you are having in the community. But you also need to be able to correct possible inaccuracies and untruths about you online that can damage your reputation or that of your ministry!

Monitoring social media sites enables you to join in the conversation. You are able to respond to concerns and issues others may have about your ministry. And perhaps you can clear up  misunderstandings or even perform some timely problem solving!

The following are three great social media monitoring tools:

Google Alerts – Set up a Google Alert for your name, ministry name, and other relevant keywords to be notified whenever an online mention appears.

Twitter Search – Use relevant keywords to search for what’s being said about you on Twitter.

Technorati – This is especially useful for tracking blog posts.

For more information on useful tools for monitoring your online presence see the following articles:   

How To Monitor Your Social Media Presence In 10 Minutes A Day 

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring – 10 Reasons For Monitoring Brands

How are you monitoring your online reputation?


Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

Be  Blessed

Kenneth Lillard

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Serving Others Thru Online Ministry


“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Ministry comes from the Greek word diakoneo, which means  “to serve”. In the New Testament, ministry is viewed as 1) service to God, and 2) service to other people in His name.  Jesus provided the ideal model for Christian ministry. He came not to be served, but to serve! (Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45)

Sharing a relevant passage of scripture on Facebook is an example of serving God by sharing His Word with your friends online. If someone you know needs a job, tweeting the web address of CareerBuilder on Twitter is serving another during a time of need. Both are excellent examples of using social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al) to serve and minister to others online.

As ministers, we employ love and humility to meet people’s needs on behalf of Jesus. (1 Peter 4:10-11) Out of our devotion to Christ, we minister to others impartially and unconditionally, just as He did.

Today, ministry has come to be associated with only pastors, who often pursue it as a fulltime vocation, and devote their entire lives to ministry work. Thank God for pastors!  However, ministry is not just restricted to pastors. All Christians should be involved in some service to others. (Romans 12:3-8, 10-13, 2 Timothy 2:24-26)

And while ministering to others’ spiritual needs should be a top priority, we certainly can’t overlook the physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and financial needs either!

Digital social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al) provide great platforms to address many of these individual needs. Social media can be used to provide websites for relevant resources, words of encouragement, prayers, and  a caring , listening ear!

Habitat for Humanity is a great example of a Christian Ministry that uses its online presence to help meet the housing needs of those struggling with poverty across the nation and around the world.

Social media, definitely, offers some truly amazing tools to reach out and serve others through online ministry! The fantastic part is they’re mostly free, and right at you finger tips. Why not use some of these great tools to enhance your ministry?

Question: How do you use social media to serve and minister to others?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard

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The Facebook Connection

One of the most effective and amazing ways to build ministry communities online is through Facebook. Why Facebook? For starters, Facebook has over 350 million active users worldwide. It is reported that 45% of Facebook users return to the site each day. In addition, Facebook is viral, i.e., messages and material posted there spread like wildfire. For many,  private messaging on social networking sites like Facebook, is quickly replacing email. Increasing numbers of Christians are now on Facebook, and more are establishing accounts everyday! No question, Facebook is a great vehicle that can help us to fulfill the Great Commission given in Matthew 28:19 – 20.

It is smart, easy, and free to set up a Facebook page or group for your church or ministry/small group, e.g., youth ministry, men’s ministry, Bible Study group, etc. Your Facebook page or group allows you to share information, ideas, pictures, videos,  announcements, etc. with your friends and members.  Facebook can be used for crowdsourcing. In addition, you can post ministry events and send out RSVP invitations. Facebook‘s private messaging can facilitate counseling and prayer. In essence, your Facebook page/group is an easy hub of communication that allows you to stay connected throughout the week. In fact, the effective and creative things you can do on Facebook to expand your ministry are virtually unlimited. 

A great example of how Facebook can  help jumpstart your ministry is provided in this excellent video  seminar from Henderson Hills Baptist Church http://www.livestream.com/hendersonhills/video?clipId=pla_8876138541585985541

Chris Forbes of MinistryMarketingCoach.com has written an outstanding, free e-book,  Facebook for Pastors. You can find it at   http://ministrymarketingcoach.com/2008/04/22/downloads-the-facebook-for-pastors-free-e-book/.

For “All Things Facebook” checkout the Mashable Social Media Guide’s indispensible Facebook Guide at http://mashable.com/guidebook/facebook/ .

You are now ready to make that Facebook Connection!

Until next time, remember you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard


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