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Webster defines bonus as something given in addition to what is expected; an extra dividend; something beyond what is anticipated!

My new book SOCIAL MEDIA AND MINISTRY Sharing The Gospel In The Digital Age is, to a certain extent, an extension of this blog, FAITH BASED MEDIA 2.0 , and vice versa! For readers of the book, I will be using this blog, from time to time, to provide bonus material not included in the original book version.  To give you an example, the black and white illustration on the book’s dedication page is presented above in its full, glorious color!  The book is dedicated to the memory of a truly remarkable person,  my late mother, Rev. Dr. Rosetta Lillard, who was often, very affectionately called Rose. The roses on the dedication page are dedicated to her memory!

This bonus material is intended to provide readers of the book with some additional context, personal stories, and my special insights into SOCIAL MEDIA AND MINISTRY Sharing The Gospel In The Digital Age. It’s goal is to expand and decode the book for the reader!  I welcome, and would really appreciate your comments on the bonus material as it appears.

This first bonus installment provides additional background material on the critical impact of the Gutenberg printing press on the Protestant Reformation cited early in the preface of the book. Gutenberg’s printing press was also an early precursor of today’s digital technology. (Readers of the book will probably appreciate this material more!) My hope is that it will enhance your experience of reading the book!

BTW, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MINISTRY Sharing The Gospel In The Digital Age is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and as an immediate download at Lulu.com! 

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

Be Blessed

Kenneth Lillard

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