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Merry Christmas 2013 And Happy New Year 2014!

Merry Christmas 3

Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve 2013? Yes, it is! It’s a time to rejoice and show love for family, loved-ones, and friends. It’s a very special season of gift-giving, and great expectancy when miracles, both big and small, can and often do happen!

Most of all, let us remember the real reason for the season. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ, and his timeless message of love, peace, and joy to all the world. (See YouVersion Christmas devotional reading plans.)

Oh, and while you’re enjoying the sights, sounds, and joy of this Holiday Season, don’t forget the less fortunate members of our families and communities. Reach out to them, so they may have a Merry Christmas, too!

Wishing You and Your Family the Very Best this Christmas Holiday Season! And Have A Very Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year 2014!

How are you celebrating the Christmas Season?

Have you written out your goals and plans for 2014? It’s not too early to start!

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus! Be Blessed, Kenneth Lillard

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Best of Technology and the Web 2011

It’s already that time of the year for the Faith Based Media 2.0 annual roundup of what’s hot and what’s not in technology and on the web for 2011! It seems that every time you blink your eyes new innovations appear in the ever evolving world of technology and social media. The challenge is how the people of faith can creatively adapt these new technologies to more effectively share the Gospel in our Digital Age!

The winds of change have blown through the digital world in 2011 leaving a radically changed landscape in its wake. The links below help tell the story of some of the major technological players, innovations, and ideas that affected the web in 2011, primarily from a faith perspective. We’d love to get your take on this year’s picks! 

5 Major Twitter Changes Coming to a Computer Screen Near You – BlogWorld

10 Apps You Should Download for iPad2 – Wired

10 Biggest Web News Stories of 2011 – ReadWriteWeb

2011 Christianity Today Book Awards – Christianity Today

2012 Web Predictions – ReadWriteWeb

Best and Worst of Everything in 2011: A Meta, Mega Mashup – Fast Company

Best Big Internet Company of 2011 – ReadWtiteWeb

Best Christian Blog of the Week – Blogspot

Book Interactions in 2011 – Ed Stetzer

Church App – Subsplash

f8 2011 Facebook Changes Full Guide – SlashGear

Faith Based Media 2.0 – Faith, Technology, and Social Media Blog ~Kenneth Lillard

Joel Osteen Ministries

John Maxwell On Leadership – Blog of Leadership Expert, John Maxwell

LinkedIn Changes Social Ads – Mashable

My Favorite Technologies of 2011 – Dan Zax,  MIT Technology Review

Potter’s House – Bishop T. D. Jakes

So You Got a Kindle Fire? Try Our First-Timer Guide – Mashable

Streaming Faith – Online Christian Broadcasting Portal

State of the Blogosphere 2011 – Technorati

Top 5 Internet Devices of 2011 – ReadWriteWeb

Top 10 Christian Blogs – blogs.com

Top 10 Enterprise Cloud Apps and Services 0f 2011 – ReadWrite Web

Top 10 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Go Bag – Lifehacker

Top 10 Posts of November 2011 – Tony Morgan Live

Top 10 Social Web Products of 2011 – ReadWriteWeb

Top 10 Startups of 2011 – ReadWriteWeb

Top 10 Tech Concepts You Always Wanted to Learn About – Lifehacker

Top 10 Web Products of 2011 – ReadWriteWeb

Top 11 Features of 2011 – ChurchLeaders.com

Top 200 Church Blogs – Churchrelevance.com

Top Trends of 2011: Content Shifting – ReadWriteWeb

World Vision – A Christian Humanitarian Organization

WOW Gospel 2011 – iTunes

YouVersion – Online Bible, reading plans, and community

Which of the above would make your list? How have they impacted you and/or your ministry in 2011? How might they increase your influence in 2012?

To all of my wonderful FBM 2.0 readers, “Wishing you a Happy, Blessed, and Prosperous 2012!”

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Stay Blessed!

Kenneth Lillard

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YouVersion Bible App For Facebook

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

Many of us find ourselves connecting, updating our status, and networking on Facebook more often than we might like! But did you know you can access and read the Bible while you’re logged on to FB, America’s #1 social networking site? Yes, you definitely can!

YouVersion.com has a new Bible app out for Facebook. This great new application allows you to:

  • Read the Bible online
  • Access many different translations of the Bible
  • Go to specific books, chapters, and verses
  • Select verses or passages and share with friends or post on your wall  

It’s now really easy and convenient to turn on the lamp and light of the Word while you’re logged on to FB!

For more information click here .

What a great way to study and share the Word!

Can you suggest other ways YouVersion’s Bible App for Facebook might be used?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Be Blessed!

Kenneth Lillard

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Can You Hear Me Now?

YouVersion.com has provided a free app that makes over 40 translations of the Bible (in 22 languages) available for smart mobile phones. However,  for many, this incredibly rich resource remains out of reach.

In our connected world of digital media there are information rich and information poor communities.  Due to a lack of economic, educational, or infrastructure resources many Christians,  churches, and others are being left out of very important conversations.

Many voices in information poor communities are being marginalized, and unfortunately, are  not being heard. What can be done to bridge this digital divide? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Provide free computer classes
  • Help individuals access church, social service, and  social media websites
  • Many coffee shops provide free wi-fi connections. Why can’t churches do so?
  • Provide info on free internet resources, e.g., public libraries, etc.
  • Access/ provide free open source software
  • Assist people in learning reading, writing and math skills

What other ways can ministries help to bridge the digital divide?

Until next time, remember, you can do all things thru Christ Jesus!

God Bless,

Kenneth Lillard

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A New Thing – YouVersion

Ever found yourself in a situation where you forgot your Bible?  Now, you can have the Bible right at your fingertips. YouVersion has developed an app for your mobile device which allows you to access the Word in 41 different translations and 22 languages. Over 4 million YouVersion users have spent over one billion minutes reading the Bible on their smart phones and other mobile devices. If you haven’t already, check out YouVersion and let me know what you think! Following are links to their website and blog: http://www.youversion.com/mobile , http://blog.youversion.com/ BTW, one of the most amazing things about this great app is that it’s free!

Until next time, remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

God Bless

Kenneth Lillard

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Digital Church Sunday – A Story

Woke up early Sunday morning. The sun was shining golden on the newly fallen snow. Decided to accept an invitation to visit a highly recommended new church. From my smart mobile phone I accessed the church’s website.  Got service times. 10:00 AM: that’s my service. Googled directions. Arrived, no prob. Friendly greeting at the door. Music ministry was incredible. Followed scripture reading, Luke 24:13-27, on my smart phone Bible app YouVersion http://www.youversion.com .  Great message delivered with passion and conviction by Priscilla Shirer, Tony Evan’s daughter http://www.goingbeyond.com/. “Don’t Miss Jesus“.  Took notes on phone’s memo app. Grabbed additional commentary on Bible Gateway http://www.biblegateway.com .  Exchanged greetings with congregants after the service. While digital tools enhanced my worship experience today, the true enhancer of the experience was none other than Jesus, himself! And my fellow congregants.  No question. Tonight, moonlight dances on the snow.  Myron Butler kicks “Stronger” on the gospel radio app.  I’ve just composed  an appreciation email to today’s preacher. Send!

Remember, you can do all things through Christ Jesus!

God Bless

Kenneth Lillard

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